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Multielastik Cladding Adhesive (K15)


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MULTIELASTIK is a dry adhesive mortar for bonding internal and facade tiles. Provides high traction and initial strength. After hardening, it acquires water and frost-resistant properties.


The prepared mortar should be applied to a steel trowel and spread a thin layer on the substrate, pressing firmly. Next, apply a thicker layer of mortar and drag it to the serrated edge of the trowel at an angle of 45-60 to the ground. The size of the surface covered with the mortar should be adjusted to the possibility of laying the tiles so that the time of open drying of the adhesive mortar is not exceeded. You can control it by touching the mortar with your finger – if it is no longer adhering to it, the time of open drying has been exceeded and the mortar should be removed from the substrate and applied with a new one. Tiles are glued in the manner given on the tile packaging. Do not soak tiles before sticking! Tiles should be pressed evenly so that the adhesive adheres to at least 70% of the tile surface. Very large tiles should be laid like that the mortar adheres to at least 90% of the tile surface. Adhesive mortar should also be applied to the whole surface of the reverse side of the tile, a thin layer of equal thickness, covering all profiling. The width of the joints depends on the type of tiles. Before hardening the mortar, any possible residues should be scraped from the joints. Elevations exposed to atmospheric precipitation should be protected from rain by the time of impregnation and possible pointing.


The adhesive should be stored in original unopened packaging in a dry place for 12 months from the date of production indicated on the lid.


up to 5 m2 from the packaging

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